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Make Your Working Space Green

0 They say plants are friends and we could not have said it better! Plants are the cheap and easy solution to turn your office into a dynamic nursery of creative ideas and fast thinking! Next to loyal companions, having plants in the office has many advantages! Greenery in...
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Growing Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

0 Nature has wired us to feel protective of babies, with their oversize, floppy heads. The big, round leaves of a fiddle-leaf fig tree make it the houseplant equivalent of a newborn—and the “it” accessory for a generation of interior designers. On its home turf—which happens to be West African lowland...
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Growing Bromeliads

0 Bromeliads spend their lives as houseplants in places that aren’t as warm as the tropical climates they call home. Their brightly colored bracts (which we think of as their flowers) can last for months, brightening a dark corner. One of the most cold hardy is matchstick bromeliad (Aechmea gamosepala), an...
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Growing Croton

0 The croton is an easy-to-grow houseplant known for its variegated foliage covered in green, scarlet, orange, and yellow splotches. Here’s how to care for a croton in your home or garden. Croton, also called “garden croton,” are native to the tropical forests of southeast Asia and Oceania. In...
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Growing Begonias

0 Popular bedding plants since the Victorian era, flowering begonias also add an air of tropical jauntiness to container gardens. In vivid shades of red, pink, white, yellow, apricot, and salmon, begonias may go in and out of style but are always dependable when you crave a shot of...
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Growing Lucky Bamboo

0 If you want to steal a garden idea from feng-shui masters, lucky bamboo may be the answer. Lucky bamboo actually isn’t bamboo at all. It’s a Dracaena from tropical western Africa with red roots, pointed leaves, and hollow green stems, often curled into shapes. For positive energy, place...
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