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Growing Virginia Creeper

0 Virginia creeper is a climbing vine with a lot to recommend it if used properly in a landscape, as it will grow quickly to cover an unattractive wall and attaches itself with adhesive pads and aerial tendrils (instead of roots) and won’t damage a facade. In autumn the...
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Growing Ant Plant

0 In the wild, Dischidia pectinoides has struck a deal with ants: Pollinate me and I’ll give you shelter. Fortunately, this room-and-board arrangement stops at the doorstep. The Ant Plant is the perfect bathroom dweller. It loves a bit of filtered light and humidity and doesn’t need soil—it’s an epiphyte. The Ant...
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Growing Ivy

0 Ivy looks beautiful covering a wall with a velvety green blanket. But the vines are not always on good terms with the buildings they scale. About a dozen ivies make up the Hedera genus, including the evergreen H. helix or English ivy, and in their native environments—they hail from Asia, Europe, or Africa—they behave well....
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Growing Cup and Saucer Vine

0 A fast-growing flowering vine with cup-shaped purple (or sometimes white) flower, cup-and-saucer vine will quickly camouflage a fence or trellis and also can be trained as a hedge. Cobaea scandens hails from warm climated (it’s at home in Mexico and Venezuela) and should be grown as an annual in...
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