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How to Keep Your Succulents Alive

0 Are you one of those people who hangs their head in shame whenever we tout succulents as the easiest plants to grow? You’re not alone, trust us. Succulents, plants adapted to survive in harsh environments and long periods with very little water, play by their own rule book,...
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The Proper Way to Plant a Tree

0 Once you understand the science of planting trees, you’ll have your own in no time. Digging a wide planting hole is the key to fast growth of your new tree. Recommendations often specify a hole twice as wide as the root ball; three times as wide is even better. To prevent...
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Why You Need To Interior Decorate With Plants

0 Houseplants can make a huge difference on your interior. 1. Plants Fill Dead Space I hate dead space in a home. I’m the antithesis of a minimalist.  I love layers and a filled home, so when I see empty corners in homes I am compelled to fill them. The easiest,...
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15 Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas

0 If designed right, your backyard can make a huge change. 1. Designing the Room Outside A backyard is an extension of what’s going on inside our home, maybe more colorful, casual, fun, and without a ceiling to put a lid on our needs and desires. In a yard,...
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