Category: Garden Styles

Stone Walkway Garden Ideas

More than a passage from one area of your property to the next, a stone walkway is a versatile hardscaping tool that provides a break in the landscape and divides the garden. It can be a border for beds or can break straight lines with a curving path. It...
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Modern Garden Designs and Ideas

Enjoy a tour of modern garden designs that will inspire you to make you backyard different. Modern landscape design is an expansion and refinement of mid-century modern or Modernist garden design, hearkening back to the 1950s or earlier when residential architecture reflected optimism and rooflines exuberantly jutted toward space. Later, things...
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Big Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

With right landscaping ideas, a small yard can have lots of style. Not everyone is blessed with a big backyard. For those who live in places with tighter outdoor spaces, it’s just a matter of practicing smart design on a smaller scale. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, loft,...
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