DIY Easter Spring Floral Birds Nest

Beautiful DIY project for Easter birds nest table centerpiece.

This is such an easy centerpiece to assemble regardless of your floral arrangement skills. You can be creative with your flower choice as well as any other embellishments you decide to add. I like to make my arrangements with at least 3-4 different types of flowers.

What you need

  • glass bowl
  • chicken wire
  • grapevine wreath
  • flowers and greenery
  • Easter eggs


Step 1

Find a bowl that will fit in your grapevine wreath. I used a 14 inch grapevine wreath.

Place some chicken wire or floral tape over the bowl. This will hold your flowers in an upright position. I like to use a glass bowl so that nothing shows. I also like how the chicken wire blends.

Step 2

Around the base of your wreath, insert greenery stems. The greenery around it will create fullness for your centerpiece. Insert 3 or 4 full flower heads into the center of your arrangement. I used hydrangea blooms. Next, begin to randomly place your second flower type around the perimeter of your arrangement. I have no idea what the pink and white flowers are that I used, but they are so pretty. Take your third flower and fill in any bare spots. I used pink camellias.

Step 3

The final step is to add any extras like the Easter eggs and mossy bird in your birds nest.