25 Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Indoor plant decor will spruce up small apartments and large houses alike. For those that lack a green thumb, not to worry. Fake plants and succulents require little to no attention, and they can make beautiful additions to your home decor.

Whether you just moved in or are simply redecorating, these ideas are sure to give you some inspiration. Houseplants are fun because they often involve easy DIY crafts and creative expression. Painting a plant holder, building decorative pieces and arranging a flower bouquet are just a few examples of how to make generic indoor plants your own.

1. Plant Risers

A stair step or riser-like shelf will make your plant display look fuller. Place it in the kitchen and grow herbs like basil or chives to use in your cooking.

2. Cage Planter

For a unique take on hanging planters, you can cage your plant. It is easier to hang and contributes more color to the room.

3. Wall-Mounted Plants

Secure your plant to a stained wood base and mount it on the wall. This is an effective yet subtle way to fill up empty spaces.

4. Archaic Terracotta Pot

A seemingly aged and weathered plant pot can, counterintuitively, serve as a charming addition to your farmhouse and rustic decor. Distress it yourself with a coat of white paint and brush of coarse sandpaper.

5. Elegant Ecosystem

Instead of leaving your wine glasses sitting in the cabinet, turn them into little ecosystems. These are also a creative gift for wine lovers.

6. Curvy Plant Holder

A curvy plant holder subtly shows off your funky style. It can blend in to your theme while still drawing the eye.

7. Hexagon Wall Planter

If you’re ready to try your hand at “carpentry” this is a good place to start. Spray paint large popsicle sticks, then use hot glue to layer and overlap them in the desired shape.

8. Decor Hanging Planter

Let your potted friends chill out on a hanging planter with shelves. Achieve a state of harmony with the right amount of tension and weight.

9. Vintage Plant Holder

If vintage is your thing, this indoor plant is for you. Its unorthodoxy makes it visually fascinating, and it’s perfect for a home office.

10. Triangular Shelves

DIY your shelves or purchase them — either way they will add an interesting angle to your interior design. Mix and match shapes or hang them symmetrically for a modern feel.

11. Houdini Greenery

Installing metal loops in a decorative board will give the appearance that your plants are floating. Consider painting the metal to match for an even more convincing illusion.

12. Vegetative Party Arrangements

Make vegetative arrangements to embellish themed parties for boys or for girls of all ages. These arrangements can be adjusted to match any theme and occasion.

13. Wood Plant Stands

Who needs the furniture store when you have your own two hands? These plant stands can be easily constructed with several overlap joints.

14. Indoor Plant Wall 

DIY a “living” wall by adorning it with green felt and faux plants. What was drab before is now alive and thriving.

15. Hoop Wreath

Attach leaves and flowers all the way around, or leave some of the wicker hoop exposed. These are so foolproof you can make one for every season.

16. Gold Triangle Planter

Triangular gold-painted clay pots give your home an ancient, imperial tone. The green against the gold makes both colors stand out.

17. Miniature Forests

Arrange soil, leaves, sticks, moss, rocks and even shells in translucent containers to create a mini thicket. This decor is the proper homage to nature.

18. Spherical Shelves

Wooden, circular shelves are imitative of tree trunks. Small plants are a terrific complement to the organic feel.

19. Crystal Ball Terrarium

This orb may not show your future, but it sure looks exquisite. Place it on a shelf or hang it from the ceiling.

20. Plant Pot Stand

Like building blocks for adults, piping can be used to construct a variety of things. This copper pipe stand is dazzling against the bright plant pots.

21. Golden Rings

Framing a flower with a golden ring emphasizes its innate elegance. Put it on a white wall for extra vibrance.

22. Frame Filler

Rocks are an awesome filler when you discover you have too much empty space. From pebbles to stones, they’ll build out your display.

As you can see, there’s more than one way to pot a plant. You have unlimited creative freedom when it comes to indoor “gardening.” Faux or not, domestic plants and the innovative way you present them give your home character.

23. Doughnut Hole Planter

The hollow centers of these doughnut-shaped miniature planters are a cozy home for succulents. Let one stand alone, or place them in twos and threes.

24. Coffee Table Plant Holder

Spice up your coffee table with a one-of-a-kind plant holder. The pointed feet are an intriguing balancing act.

25. Succulents Rock Holder

These geologic succulent holders complement any rustic decor. For a chromatic effect, set a clear crystal near a window.


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