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Different Money Plants for Your Home

People love to grow plants in their homes for various purposes. Some people grow plants for decoration, and some grow for fresh air, but all plants are suitable for both. Plants decorate your home and make your home beautiful. It gives your home a natural touch and natural energy....
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Easy DIY Air Plant Trapezes Planters

Simple DIY project that can add a bit of whimsy to your front door with a trio of air plant trapezes planters. We have a hunch these miniature trapezes for our favorite epiphytes will be the conversation starter at your holiday parties—particularly if you make them yourself! Here’s how...
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25 Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

Indoor plant decor will spruce up small apartments and large houses alike. For those that lack a green thumb, not to worry. Fake plants and succulents require little to no attention, and they can make beautiful additions to your home decor. Whether you just moved in or are simply...
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