Easy DIY Air Plant Trapezes Planters

Simple DIY project that can add a bit of whimsy to your front door with a trio of air plant trapezes planters.

We have a hunch these miniature trapezes for our favorite epiphytes will be the conversation starter at your holiday parties—particularly if you make them yourself! Here’s how we did it.

What you need

  • 1 Square-cut wood dowel 36”x ½” x ½”
  • 2 yards 3mm suede cord
  • Variety of tillandsia


Step 1

Using a hand saw, cut the wood dowel into three pieces of the following lengths: 7 ½ inches, 6 inches, and 4 inches. You can also ask at your local hardware store for the dowel rods to be cut for you. Next, snip the 3mm suede cord into three lengths: 2 feet 4 inches, 2 feet, and 1 foot 2 inches.

Step 2

Wrap the end of the longest piece of cord (2 feet 4 inches) three times around the largest piece of dowel (7 ½ inches) about a half of an inch in from the edge of the dowel. Tie off the end of the cord with a double knot. Repeat on the opposite end of the dowel, leaving a loose loop of cord between both knots to form what looks like a miniature swing. Trim off any excess cording beyond the double knots at either end.


Hang the dowel from the cord on a wall that receives bright, indirect light. Nestle a tillandsia or two in the corner of the hanger. The curly tendrils will secure the tillandsia in place. Once a week, remove the tillandsia and soak in water overnight. It doesn’t require much, so it should be easy to keep your air plant alive.

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