Why You Need To Decorate Interior With Plants

Houseplants can make a huge difference, decorate your interior with plants.

1. Plants Fill Dead Space

I hate dead space in a home. I’m the antithesis of a minimalist. 

I love layers and a filled home, so when I see empty corners in homes I am compelled to fill them. The easiest, most obvious and most effective way to do that is with a plant.

2. Plants Can Fill Out Walls

When you are faced with a large wall to fill, it’s important to fill it out with furniture that is proportionate to the scale of the wall so that whatever pieces you have sitting on or in front of the wall won’t be dwarfed by the wall. 

I recently encountered this issue whilst consulting on an interiors project. My client had large walls to fill but fell in love with a bench seat that wasn’t long enough for the space. So that they could have the piece of furniture they wanted we plumped the wall out by positioning a large plant next to the seat. Problem no more.

3. Plants Help Soften Angular Lines

I often use plants at the end of side boards, bench seats, and TV units to help soften the hard edges of these flat surfaced pieces of furniture. There is a softness in plants that helps warm a home by finishing off those angular edges. 

I particularly encourage plants in bathrooms, which can be otherwise cold, hard-surfaced spaces.

4. Plants Add Life

Plants are an indication of a home that is lived-in and loved. 

Greenery also adds life to a space in the figurative sense, which I suspect has something to with the fact that nature tends to invigorate us. 

5. Plants Add Color

It doesn’t matter what colour scheme you have going on, plants will always work with it and although being generally green, they don’t ever conflict with other colours. 

If you are scared of bold colours and lean towards a more neutral colour palette, greenery is an ideal means of injecting some colour into your interior that you have absolutely no reason to be afraid of.  

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