Make Your Working Space Green

They say plants are friends and we could not have said it better! Plants are the cheap and easy solution to turn your office into a dynamic nursery of creative ideas and fast thinking! Next to loyal companions, having plants in the office has many advantages! Make your working space green!

Greenery in the office is not only pleasant, it also improves the office mood and consequently, and increases the productivity.

It is important to choose the right plants for the right surroundings. Sometimes, for the sake of peace and quiet, a workroom is isolated from the rest of the house, and plants in such location are unlikely to be tended every day. It is therefore best to select only undemanding, sturdy plants, such as the Yucca family. The nearer the workroom is to the rest of the house, the greater the choice of plants becomes. In this case, the occupants are not as likely to be distracted by someone walking in with a watering-can.

There are those who really appreciate it if the first bowl of flowering bulbs is given a place of honor on their desk, while others may consider this an intrusion of their ‘inner sanctuary’, then plants are best kept out of the way. But whatever plants you choose, make sure they receive careful attention. Nobody likes to find fallen leaves and spilled water among the papers on their desk. Put some effort to make the best green working space possible.

We give you some interesting designs of work spaces filled with plants and comfortable environment.