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How to Add Plants to Your Kitchen

Plants are great and easy solution to turn your kitchen into a dynamic place of creative cooking ideas! Whatever kitchen you have, from modern, contemporary to traditional in style, greenery makes it more beautiful. Herbs like basil, rosemary, and oregano are an obvious choice for kitchen plants, since you can also...
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Great Desert Landscaping Ideas

Even if you live in a desert environment, you can still have your garden landscaping look amazing.  1.Contemporary Courtyard This courtyard garden is a perfect example of how a small space can be used to create a modern and relaxing area that is almost maintenance-free. If you have a...
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Make Your Working Space Green

They say plants are friends and we could not have said it better! Plants are the cheap and easy solution to turn your office into a dynamic nursery of creative ideas and fast thinking! Next to loyal companions, having plants in the office has many advantages! Make your working...
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