Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Even a small front yard can be packed with charming curb appeal. You can create magical landscapes and inviting entries.

1.Extend the Porch

An extended porch can make your home’s entrance feel fresh and inviting, plus it lends a bit of privacy to the inside of the home. Placing a selection of potted plants and outdoor furniture will add ambiance to the open space.

2.An Arbor Entryway

Arbors can make garden spaces feel like the ideal cozy room. Pair a picket fence with an arbor to create a welcoming portal that encourages guests to enter and explore.

3.Foliage for Your Walkway

A stone-color walkway – as opposed to blacktop or gray concrete – helps keep this entryway looking natural and neat. Use a variety of foliage, textures and seasonal colors in your garden to create interest year-round.

4.Rosy Cottage-Like Landscape

Go for the proverbial white picket as a way to add personality to your garden and yard. Plant some floral favorites like pink roses, sage catmint and lady’s mantle for a display that will make people stop and stare.

5.Multilevel Landscaping

Even the most simple facade can be made interesting. This basic rancher is given a high dose of style with the addition of raised planting beds and a modern porch rail.

6.Add a Waterfall

A rock-lined waterfall creates a Zen-like feel with its soothing sounds and calming effect. The bright perennials and annuals surrounding the water feature help create that lush, mountainous look.

7.Modern Desert Landscaping

For a low-maintenance yard, sprinkle some desert inspiration in a gravel yard with cacti and succulents. Gray stones make the agave plants stand out against the sand-colored rocks.

8.Half Walls

To break up a long blank wall or to add height to a level landscape, try building stone half walls that complement the color and lines of your home.

9.Front yard Lighting

Illuminate your entry with light fixtures that match your home’s style. For a pleasing touch, pick a lamp color that plays well with your home’s exterior. Here, the soft teal fixtures complement the home’s beige hues, while blue fescue grasses echo the color of the lamp posts.

10.Simple Landscape

For a prairie garden look, keep it simple with these thin-leafed selections that offer a breezy vibe. Add a couple of rustic rocks to make a perfect backdrop to a country environment.

11.Step Slope

For visual interest on a steep slope, stagger stair directions and create landings between each. Here, the stone steps and stucco walls are softened with a Mediterranean palette of green-gray foliage and ornamental grasses.

12.Serene Lily Pond

Add a new eco-system to your yard with a small lily pond. Not only is it pretty, it’s a great way to teach kids about nature when you add in a few frogs and fish.

13.Add a Level

Steps at the corner of the yard provide easy access from the driveway, leading across the yard to porch steps. The added level between the street and porch steps also evens out the slight incline that angles to the left.

14.A Garden Variety Yard

Turn your front yard into a planter’s paradise. This Tudor-style cottage implemented brick and half-timbering details around mounds of foliage, along with terracing sections for added depth.

15.Build a Relaxation Station

Bring the comfort from inside to the outdoors by transforming your patio into a cozy sitting area. Here, a built-in bench provides seating, while a flower bed and a row of potted plants add an inviting pop of color.