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How to Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden

Have some extra space in your yard or garden? Plant a fresh and simple herb garden only steps away from the kitchen. Suggested Herbs basil (‘Purple Ruffles’ or ‘Dani’) sage oregano common thyme sweet marjoram lavender rosemary parsley chives cilantro mint Pick a Location Pick the location for your...
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Great Desert Landscaping Ideas

Even if you live in a desert environment, you can still have your garden landscaping look amazing.  1.Contemporary Courtyard This courtyard garden is a perfect example of how a small space can be used to create a modern and relaxing area that is almost maintenance-free. If you have a...
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Growing Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums or “mums” are associated with autumn, appearing in jewel colors in garden centers in September and October. However, if you are growing mums, they are hardy perennial plants best planted in the early spring. Discover how to plant, grow, and care for these colorful members of the daisy family! What...
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