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Modern Garden Designs and Ideas

Enjoy a tour of modern garden designs that will inspire you to make you backyard different. Modern landscape design is an expansion and refinement of mid-century modern or Modernist garden design, hearkening back to the 1950s or earlier when residential architecture reflected optimism and rooflines exuberantly jutted toward space. Later, things...
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15 Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If designed right, your backyard can make a huge change. 1. Designing the Room Outside A backyard is an extension of what’s going on inside our home, maybe more colorful, casual, fun, and without a ceiling to put a lid on our needs and desires. In a yard, trees...
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Trellis Stands With Pot Holders

Today, due to the limited settlement areas, it is a little bit difficult to find a home with large balcony or garden.  Therefore, if you are unfortunate about this situation, you have to optimize your outdoor space and pot holders.  Thus, you would have more spaces in which you...
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