15 DIY Garden Walkway Stone Ideas

There are many ways to make beautiful and creative new stepping stones for your own yard and garden. So, if you’re ready to add some style to your outdoor living spaces, you just have to check out these amazing garden stepping stones. Grab some cement, or not – some of these don’t even use cement – and let’s get started making some amazing walkway stones to spruce up your outdoors. I know you’re going to love these stones as much as I do and I can’t wait to hear which ones you made.

1.Leaf Imprint DIY Stepping Stones

These leaf imprinted stones are perfect for fall gardens. Well, they’re perfect for any time of year actually. You just make the stones from cement and while the cement is still wet, use a leaf from your favorite garden plant to imprint the stones. These are so easy and so beautiful.

2.Wooden Board DIY Stepping Stones

Okay, so boards are not actually stones, but they do make for a gorgeous walkway. Just take some old boards, repurposing works well here, and lay out your walkway. Then fill in around them with small river rocks or pea gravel and you’ve got a beautiful walking path that will instantly perk up your landscaping.

3.Easy DIY Hopscotch Stepping Stones

I love the color in these hopscotch stones and you’re little ones are going to love them, too. Not only are these adorable stepping stones, they double as a game for the kids when the weather allows. If you ever played hopscotch as a child, then you know how fun it is. You just paint concrete pavers, which are pretty cheap by the way, and you’re all set. There are also some other ways to make hopscotch stepping stones.

4.DIY Stepping Stones From Broken Dishes

These stepping stones are made from broken china and other glass type dishes and they are absolutely gorgeous. If you have some old china that you can’t use because of chips or breaks and you can’t get rid of it, turn it into these amazing stones for your garden. You just add the pieces of china to concrete stones that you make yourself and the end result is breathtaking.

5.Simple Textured DIY Stepping Stones

If you prefer something a bit more basic and minus the added decorations, you can make these easy textured stepping stones with concrete and a pattern of some sort. You can use a rubber doormat to make beautiful textures in the concrete that in turn creates these stunning stones. Use a couple of different doormats – with different textures – to mix it up and make your walkway really unique.

6.DIY Stepping Stones With Cake Pan

You can use an ordinary cake pan to mold your concrete and make amazing – and perfectly proportioned – stepping stones. Just mix the concrete as directed, add your decorative elements like glass stones or other items, and then let the concrete harden. Your end result is an easy to make yet beautiful stone that will bring beauty to your landscape wherever you lay it.

7.Kid Friendly DIY Concrete Stones

These little stepping stones are really easy and perfect for kids. You can use an empty cereal box for the mold and then let kids add their own decorative elements to them. They can use glass stones to create all sorts of designs and pictures and you can get glass stones at the Dollar Store for a dollar per bag, so this is an easy and really inexpensive way to get custom stepping stones for your garden.

8.Cheap DIY Custom Stepping Stones

This one is a really cheap way to get those custom stones. In fact, you’ll only spend about $25 for 20 stones. Buy some inexpensive concrete blocks – the thin ones – which you can find at most home improvement stores and Wal-Mart for about a dollar each. Then just mark off the plain stones with any design you want and use spray paint to customize them.

9.Elegant DIY Concrete Stones

These elegant stones look like something you would spend a fortune for, but they’re really cheap and very easy to DIY. You mold the concrete for these in plastic containers – those containers that you get rolls and cakes from in the deli section of your supermarket. The designs come out beautifully and you can use any size and any shape of plastic lid to get the specific stones that you want.

10.DIY Personalized Stepping Stones

I love these personalized stones for Mother’s Day gifts, or any time of the year really. You’ll make a regular cement stone and then personalize it with the name and footprint of your little ones. These would be perfect for grandmothers – a stone for their grandchildren’s individual footprints. Add edging with tiny ceramic tiles and you’ve got a beautiful stone that commemorates your little ones.

11.Hand Painted Stepping Stones

What better way to dress up your walkway than with hand painted stepping stones? You can paint scenery or anything else, if you paint that is, or let the kids paint them. This would be a wonderful rainy afternoon project for the little ones and then once the sun comes out again, you can go out together and place your stones.

12.DIY Leaf Sculpture Stones

These stepping stones use leaves for design but not in an imbedded way. Instead, they use leaves as molds to give them a really unique look. These are a bit more time consuming than others but they are so much worth the extra effort. You’ll need several leaves depending on how many stones you need to make and you could mix it up and do different types of leaves for each stone.

13.Faux Brick Walkway Stones

If you’ve always dreamed of having a yellow brick road – or maybe just a brick walkway, these faux brick walkway stones are perfect. You just mold the concrete using a specialized mold that turns your walkway into a brick road. I found this great mold on Etsy that makes it so easy to create a brick looking walking stone, and it’s less than $50.

14.DIY Pebble Mosaic Walkway Stones

These pebble mosaic stepping stones are beautiful and they have so much dimension. You use the same technique as you would for glass mosaic, except you put in pebbles instead of glass. When they’re finished, these have a very elegant look and they’re super easy to make. You just have to choose your design and you’re all set.

15.Stone Footprint Walkway Stones

I love these little stone footprints. They’re so whimsical and cute and pretty easy to put together. You just gather stones of all sizes and then create little feet from them. How perfect would it be to have little feet on your walkway stones? Plus, if you wanted to really secure them down, you could do this design in a concrete stone. Just add them to the mold before you pour in your concrete and they’ll be set in stone, so to speak.

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