Large Outdoor Planters

It’s time to color up your entry, patio, or yard with some fresh large outdoor planters that make an impact.

1. Cali Sunrise

L.A.-based design duo Kat and Roger are at it again. In their new Claystreet collaboration, they’ve designed a line of gorgeous, West Coast-inspired planters. The colors of this cheery pot will bring your plants to life on the patio.

2. Fiber Concrete Barrel Pot

We’re drawn to these pots from Terrain for their subtle coloring and all-weather resistance. Hand-crafted of super-lightweight fiber concrete, this ridged pot brings the look of aged stone to your patio while actually being quite easy to move around.

3. Azul Large Planter

This pot from CB2 is as versatile as it is stunning, and can live happily inside or out. The planter is hand-thrown and painted with soft beachy hues inspired by the sand and sea. It’s easy to make a statement with even the simplest plants when they are growing from this stunning piece.

4. Ceramic Planter and Metal Stand

This handmade ceramic and metal planter is the perfect solution for that corner of the porch where nothing will quite fit. Play with different levels in your design scheme by stationing one slightly tucked behind a lower potted plant.

5. Steely Large Planter

We love pairing lush green plants with the look of industrial planters, and this sleek option from CB2 lets us do that without breaking our backs in the process. Made of galvanized steel, the lightweight Girona planter makes a stunning impression in the home or on the deck.

6. Gray Planter

Design is all about texture, and the Etna Planter from CB2 gets it right. Inspired by volcanic ash and covered in craters, this hand-thrown pot features an ultra-wide lip, making it the perfect fit for plants that run wild.

7. Haute Hanging Garden

Go crazy this season with bold color and interesting texture! The Zola Planter from CB2 is a great choice. It’s made of terra cotta, but with the head-to-toe bubble dots, you would never know. This planter is built to last and will withstand rugged weather outdoors.