10 Creative Garden Planters

Here are 10 creative garden planters that can make your garden look special and interesting. It turns out that you can grow plants pretty much anywhere.

1. Colander Planters

Hang spring flowers in brightly colored colanders for an unexpected and truly unique way to update your porch.

Wrap one colander handle tightly with a half-yard of twine, pushing pieces together as you go to avoid gaps. Once covered, tie off and add a dab of glue to secure. Knot a yard of twine at each end of the handle. Repeat entire process with opposite handle. Next, line the colander with sheet moss and fill with potting soil and seasonal plants. (We used ferns and pansies.) Tie four lengths of twine together and hang.

2. Recycled Tire Planter

Though there’s nothing very exciting about old tires, some wooden slats and a few coats of colorful spray paint can miraculously transform them into delightfully cheery backyard planters.

3. Rain Boot Planters

Have your kids outgrown their rain boots? Don’t throw them out—put them to good use by filling them to the brim with some soil and your favorite flowers. Using a mix of potting soil and horse manure you fill up each of the boots right to the tip of the toes and plant what you wish.

4. Drawer Planters

Stack an old dresser drawer atop a makeshift table and add some colorful paint for a bright, fun way to grow flowers. 

How to make this DIY project find out here: plantingathome.com

5. Shell Planters

Plant an adorable miniature garden using shells collected during your last beach vacation. 

It’s such a small, simple garden- but because of the tiny size, these shell-potted succulents will need more watering and observation than normal succulent gardens- hopefully forcing me to slow down and really take stock of each day. To make your own shell-potted succulents, you will only need some small-growing succulents, large snail shells and potting soil. 

6. Tea Tin Planters

Plant herbs in vintage Twinings tea tins to start a windowsill garden that will freshen up your entire kitchen. (Add rocks to the bottom of the tins to let the herbs’ roots breathe.)

Drill a couple of drainage holes in the bottom and plant coriander, basil, curly parsley, chamomile and some succulent plants. We love this idea and look- brightening up the kitchen windowsill and there is no more venturing out into the cold weather while cooking. 

7. Kettle Planters

Start an indoor or outdoor garden by planting herbs in a used tea kettles—we love the vintage look of these tarnished ones.

8. Ice Cream Dish Planters

Arrange succulents or other small plants in vintage ice cream dishes for the perfect dinner table centerpieces.

9. Hanging Pot Planters

If you like the idea of a wall garden, but perhaps want something a bit more colorful this is an adorable alternative. Paint terra-cotta pots in bright spring colors and hang them from your garden fence for a garden view that will make you smile. And each pot can easily be brought indoors if needed.

For outdoor spaces that lack a decent yard or for walls that need some decorating, this is great, easy project to add a small garden to your space. Most of us probably have the majority of items needed for this DIY already…painters tape, wood screws, paint or spray paint. With the purchase of some terra-cotta pots (make sure there are drainage holes) and pot hangers, you should have your garden hanging within an afternoon.

10. Shoe Organizer Vegetable Planters

Keep plants healthy and out of animals’ reach by planting them in hanging shoe organizer pockets mounted to a fence.

You’ll just need a strong pole and some hooks or wire to attach the shoe store. They must be strong enough to support the weight of the compost, plants and water. Pour water into the pockets to check the drainage, if they don’t drain then make a few small holes in each of the pockets. Add a good moisture retaining compost, fill to 1″ below the rim so that water does not pour out over the rim, ad just plant some seeds…


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